Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Importance of Props

Props can go a long way to making a photo shoot go from hum drum to Wow.  On the way to a photoshoot with a young and very active girl and her mother, I had the thought to get a couple of giant lollipops.  This was a simple investment of $2 at Walgreens.  Not only did it work as a bribe (I mean "incentive") for cooperation in the early part of the shoot, but as an incredibly fun prop later on.

This can be applied to so many circumstances.  When life gets boring, uninspired, or even unpredictable, just add props!  Get that ice cream cone.  Sit on the bench with a book.  Give a ribbon to the cat, a hand-written note to a friend, a smile to a stranger.  Add a simple prop to life and reap rewards greater than the original investment.
Take a chance.  Add a prop.  Watch the joy multiply.

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