Friday, September 24, 2010

Standing Firm

Sometimes it feels like the storms of life are too much to bear.  Time and again, the challenges gather strength, overflow the banks of reasonableness, and come rushing at us with a furious strength.

Now, of course, it may really be only one challenge rather than multiple challenges that feel this way.  Maybe your life challenges were already up to the banks and that one additional challenge pushed it over the top.

I'm facing that now as I struggle with the loss of my day job.  I have a little joke with myself that I'm going to start a blog "The Adventures of an Unemployed Job Coach".  The irony kills me.

So, how does one weather the storm?  The same way as this tree - by standing firm.  Life may come at us full force, but we are strong and our roots run deep.  For me personally, my faith may not always bear fruit in my life but it is deep and strong and it is sometimes the storms of life that remind me.

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