Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Take Normal for Granted

So, really, tell me this. How many times have you asked, "Am I normal?"  Come on.  Be honest.  How about the question, "Is this normal?" 

We all ask these questions.  Some of us ask them more than others.  But we all ask them.

But what is normal anyways?  Not different?  Not out of the ordinary?  Who wants that?

Normal is...boring.  Normal is the status quo.  Normal is the every day.  And, yet, there's comfort in that.  Normal is a blue sky.  Unless it's fall or winter...or spring.  Then maybe normal is a grey sky.  If I woke up and the sky was green, that would not be normal.  If I woke up and Chaser the cat wants food immediately, that's normal.  If I woke up and Chaser stayed curled up on her favorite pink chair completely ignoring me, that's not normal.

Some days are far from normal.  Suddenly your whole life becomes off-kilter.  You lose your job.  Someone dies.  You get in an accident.  Thankfully, these aren't normal events.  These aren't your every day occurrence.

So, while normal may be boring, normal is also comfortable.  Don't take normal for granted.  Enjoy the normal.  Take comfort in it.  In fact, cherish it.  It's the normal that gets us through.


  1. During my very stressful 9 months of house renovation I often said "Boring would be nice right now"
    It's that balance ting - mixing the normal with non-normal in happy (or bearable) portions.
    Like a friend said: "Sanity is maintained by frequent perambulations around its perimeter."

  2. I like that. I think I perambulate quite a bit! But it's the normal, I think, that keeps us grounded and sometimes we take it for granted.