Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Accident

My Dad and I decided to take a walk along a nature trail the other day.  It was a lovely walk and slightly longer than we expected.  I had my camera along, of course, and took a few shots along the way. 

Now, the problem with this was I was worried about my lens.  Why, you might ask?  Well, it was lacking a lens cover.  It has been for weeks.  I keep losing the darn things.  I need to buy a few dozen once I'm employed again.

Anyways, when you don't have a lens cover and you're walking through the woods and are afraid a branch might scratch the lens, you improvise.  I simply kept my hand cupped over the top of the lens. 

Well, with the body heat of my hand and the coolness of the day, the lens fogged up.  I finally saw another shot I wanted to take and darn!  The lens was fogged.  And, they still haven't invented built in lens defrosters.  (If anyone knows a trick here let me know!)

I could have let that be the end of it, but instead, I decided to work with it.  I looked around with the camera to my eye (don't do this while you are still walking!) and found a shot where the fog worked.

So, when something unexpected happens, before giving up, try and work with it and see what happens.  You may love the results!

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