Monday, October 4, 2010


I took this image at a Farmer's Market in Canandaigua, NY last year.  I was out there for my cousin's fall wedding.  The wedding was simply lovely and the Farmer's Market was an added bonus.

I had to take pictures with my new macro lens!  This was one of the hundreds I took that weekend.  I loved the muted colors, the freshness, and especially, the amazing diversity of color amongst the carrots.  I always thought of carrots being simply orange.  I've never gone to the supermarket and seen a yellow or a burgundy carrot.  Have you?  So, of course, this caught my eye.

I wonder if the farmer knew which color carrot was going to come out of the ground as she was harvesting.  Ah, this one will be burgundy.  And this one will be cream.  And this one, pale yellow.  Doubtful.  All she knew was that she was going to pull up a carrot.  And, if she had done her job well and the elements had cooperated, it would be a nice healthy carrot worthy of eating.

And so it is with life.  If we do our "job" well and the elements cooperate, we will have a nice full harvest worthy of feasting on.  The seeds we planted, fertilized, and watered in our life will reap a nice harvest.  The exact color and flavor may not be known, but we will get what we planted.

What seeds have you scattered?  What have you harvested?  Did you get what you expected?  Share your thoughts with a comment!

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