Sunday, October 3, 2010


Reflections can be tricky things.  They are beautiful, interesting, intriguing, and slightly warped versions of reality - like all reflections are.

Rarely is a reflection a crystal clear representation of the image it is reflecting.  And therein lies their fascination.

After a rainstorm, you might see me dancing around puddles with my camera looking for that intriguing image.  I might play with the focus, the distance, the angle.  Wait, I don't want the telephone wire or myself in there and the sun is reflecting too brightly over here... Getting the image you want can take work.  In both photography and life.

When reflecting back on an event or season in time, what do we you see?  Is the image clear, cluttered, warped?  Did you capture yourself in your reflection or just everything else?  What are you focusing on?  What are you leaving out?  What are you including?  Just what are you choosing to see?

Just like the analogy of the glass half empty or the glass half full, we choose to see and experience what we want to see and experience.  And it may or may not be an accurate reflection of reality.  Additionally, what I see may be completely different from what you see even when we are looking at the same thing.  If you stood on the other side of the puddle, camera in hand, would your image be the same?  Not even close.  And yet, we were both there at the same puddle at the same time.

What is your experience of life?  What are you choosing to reflect on and capture in your mind's eye?  What are you seeing?

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