Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Showing Up

You know what they say: "Showing up is half the battle."  And, so today, with my motivation waivering badly, I'm just showing up.  I made a commitment to write this blog daily and intend to keep that commitment - with the exception of last week when I was on vacation - the technology vacation was unexpected, but sorely needed!

And so, I'm showing up.  That's half the battle with so many things, including photography.  In the case of photography, it might simply be that you have your camera with you, even if you're not sure you're going to take pictures.  It's being there.  It's making the effort.  It's being prepared for what may come along.  And, though the results might not be stellar, you did it.  You showed up.  And sometimes, you might surprise yourself and get more than you expected. 

So, grab your camera, and show up!


  1. I love this post. I'm not a photographer, but we can all show up for life and pay attention to all the beauty around us. I wrote on my blog about showing up for our appointment with life. This message was brought home to me by visiting with a friend who was dying and savoring all of his remaining time with gusto. Our appointment is right now, in the present moment. Show up. With joy. Thanks for these inspiring words!

  2. True words, Galen. My own sister and mother died and I've learned the importance of showing up and being there on so many levels. Like you are there with your friend.

    Funny that I just visited The Happiness Project blog and her post was on Showing Up as well. There seems to be a theme going on here...