Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wooden Spoons

It's amazing the things we tend to take for granted in our lives.  Take the humble wooden spoon for example.  Used for so many tasks in the kitchen and nary a thank you. 

You are probably wondering why I'm thinking about wooden spoons.  My college friend, Paige Wilcox Smith, recently started a blog called The Wooden Spoon.  She's quite an eloquent writer and she recently wrote an amusing homage to, you guessed it, a wooden spoon.  Click here to go read it.  (Don't forget to come back!)

So, I decided to take that inspiration and coupled it with my own advice in my FU posting. 

This image was taken with my macro lens on my kitchen counter by window light.  Then I played in Picasa a little bit (free from Google!) to add the sepia tone and film grain. 

So, this was taken in honor of my friend Paige and also in homage to the humble wooden spoon. 

What do you take for granted in your life?


  1. I take so much for granted. I woke up this morning in a safe and comfortable bed. I have eyes that could see out the window. I stood up on legs that can walk. I took a shower with hot water and dried off with a clean towel. I had enough to eat for breakfast. I can breathe, and the air I breathe is pure. Wow, look how much I have already taken for granted this morning, and I haven't even gotten dressed yet!

  2. I love this picture! Your pictures of everyday objects like the forks and the pears are some of my faves! So simple, yet so beautiful!

  3. I thought I left a comment back to you earlier, but apparently it didn't take! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's so easy to take things for granted and just that little moment of recognition can really change your perspective on things. Carmen, thanks for the comment on my pic! I think you and I like simple things. :)

  4. Dave and I are going crazy with how small this place is (and should we buy a house now or not?), but we try to stop & be thankful that we have a house to live in, and that we have the ability to buy a house if that's where God leads us.
    Uncertainty sure does get to ya, but that can also be seen as part of life's adventure. --Carol (not really anon. but I don't want to create a profile. Let's see if Terri's change worked... :-)

  5. Yup! The change worked! The profile would simply be your Google log in. I don't really know why this insists on having it, but I'll take it as yet another opportunity to learn and be thankful! At least now I can get comments!! And, yes, cute little newly weds, you have much to be thankful for. And think of it as cozy instead of small! :)