Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working Through the Noise

The other day they were doing some construction in the downstairs unit.  I was up here trying to write a post.  Bang bang.  Bark bark.  Bang bang.  Bark bark.  It sounded like a conversation between construction tools and an angry dog.  I think it was.

So, anyways, I couldn't concentrate.  I tried, but it was no good.  I set the post aside and didn't get back to it until yesterday.  I couldn't work through the noise.

I often can't work through the noise in my own head either.  "That's a stupid idea."  "No one's going to get it."  "What makes you think you can do this?"  I try to argue back. "Shut up!!!"

The best idea is to just ignore it.  I try and sometimes I'm successful.


  1. I can relate! I have construction noise across the street and endless chatter in my head. Can't do anything about the construction noise, but about the head.... Sometimes I just gently say to myself "Stop!" Here is something from A Course in Miracles that is comforting. "One gently walks with you Who answers all your fears with one merciful reply, 'It is not so.' He points to all the gifts you have each time the thought of poverty oppresses you, and speaks of His Companionship when you perceive yourself as lonely and afraid."

  2. Ah, yes, poverty, oppression, loneliness, fear... those are definitely the names of some of those voices. There are certain ones louder than the others. Usually I hear the one yelling at me that I can't do that! Anyways, yoga, meditation, prayer, and just doing it despite the voices certainly helps.... Thanks for stopping by, Galen!