Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm So Bored!!

I am.  I am so bored. 

I went to sleep bored last night and woke up bored this morning. 

Yet, my house is chock full of unfinished projects.  I have piles of pictures to be sorted and organized.  I have digital images that need to be archived.  I have presents to make for friends.  I even have job searching to do - imagine that.  So, what's this whole thing about boredom anyways.  Do we just say it out of habit?  Is there any use to being bored?

I say, yes.  I think it's important to get bored.  Being bored is motivating because nobody likes to be bored.   People go to extraordinary measures to escape boredom.  Last night I was so bored I finally began to clean out my craft closet.  It wasn't very exciting, but I wasn't bored any more, I was busy.  Today I will finish, but I will finish it to music.  And a daunting task will have been crossed off my list.

Sometimes boredom spawns creativity.  The day I pulled out my lightbox and started taking pictures of random things on top of it began with boredom.  But I got some fun and cool results and learned some things along the way.

And sometimes boredom spawns a blog post.  Like now! 

I think the purpose of boredom is to motivate us to action and creativity.  We feel the need to do something and usually it needs to be something different.  If you're bored at a job, it might not be that you are not busy but that you are unchallenged.  Can you find a way to challenge yourself?  Can you find a problem that needs to be solved and then solve it?  Can you try doing something a different way?  Is there something new you can learn on the job?

Maybe you just need a little noise.  Turn on some music.  Or maybe you need a little company.  Call a friend!  But, whatever you do, cherish the boring times as a springboard to action and creativity. 

Now, what will I do today to keep from being bored?  What about you?

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