Saturday, November 6, 2010

Setting Things In Motion

It's hard to get going sometimes.  You know, and object at rest tends to stay at rest?  Atrophy.  Just like it might be hard to learn something new or find inspiration, it's hard to get going. 

But the longer you stay at rest, the more you atrophy, and the harder it is.  So, move it! 

I've been trying to learn some new skills for a while.  I have a whole list.  Blogging is one of them.  And so is using flash with a long exposure like in this image.  And once you get started, you start wanting to do it more until you get better at it.  I took many over Halloween and I started liking some of the results.  But master?

I'm hesitant to use the word master.  I'm not sure I've ever mastered anything.  To me a master is someone who has gotten to the top of the learning curve in a particular subject or technique.  I seem to always be in the middle somewhere.  I have some skill, but still have a loooong way to go.

Setting things in motion also means risking failure.  Maybe you know right away that you failed, but maybe you don't.  But failure is such a strong word.  Is it really failure if I tried something and wasn't as successful as I could have been?  Or is failure if I never tried in the first place?


  1. Setting things in motion. Lots of that happening in my life right now. Moving towards early retirement from a job I feel I've mastered. After that? New things I have not mastered! From master to novice. The natural cycle.

    As for failure, most successful people will tell you that failure was a significant and necessary part of their path. They view failure as opportunity. Nice spin!

  2. Hi Galen, personally, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. Unemployment is an unpleasant place to be. But, it has provided me with the opportunity to start my blog and to set in motion the grand re-organization/purge of my house. Congrats on the early retirement! That's amazing!