Thursday, November 18, 2010

That Space Between Night and Day

It's my favorite time, that space between night and day.  You wake up, but not completely.  Perhaps you hit the snooze alarm - one of my favorite pastimes - and then you snuggle back in and let your mind roam.

I've solved most of the worlds problems during this time.  OK, not really.  But, I've come up with creative solutions to some of my own problems.  I've "written" entire blog posts and cover letters in my head.  I've "visited" with people I haven't seen in a while and miss.  And sometimes I lay there and worry if there's something to worry about.  But mostly, it's a creative time for me.

Is it the same for anyone else out there?  Does your muse visit you early in the morning before you're fully awake?  Do you stay in bed longer to lengthen her visit?  Have you solved any of the worlds problems, or your own, during this time?

I once rearranged my house this way.  But when I really woke up the furniture was a slightly different scale than in my imagination.  That's one of the problems with this semi-dream state.  Reality might warp a bit.  But I tend to like my warped little reality!

The idea for this image came during one of those times.  I had been reading about layers and layer masks in Photoshop and thinking about what I might do with them and what images might combine. 

Apparently, this was all I needed to feed my imagination.  The next morning I thought of these two images and next thing I knew, I was on the computer fiddling and diddling.  And this was my result.

It's not every day that I come up with that stunning eureka idea during that space between night and day, but the hope of coming up with one keeps me hitting that snooze.  Of course, someone else might say it's because I like the feel of my pillow under my head.  Who am I to argue?

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