Monday, November 29, 2010

Unintended Results

There can be blessings in the unintended.  Like the unintended week off I just took.  It gave me the chance to focus on things that needed to be accomplished during the week to complete a life transition.

There can also be devastation in the unintended.  Like the off-handed joke that hurts someone's feelings.  Or that moment of distraction behind the wheel that leads to an accident.

Unintended results can be good or bad and either type requires lots of grace.  Grace?  Yeah, grace.

Grace from God to protect us from the unintended actions of ourselves or others.  Grace to forgive and move on if the unintended action caused pain.  Grace to find or search for the blessing in the unintended.  Grace to be thankful for unintended goodness (like finding a random $20 bill!)

I remember the time I unintentionally forgot to put film in the camera - at my best friend's rehearsal dinner.  I cried.  But, that unintended event helped me to realize how very important my friend was to me and how much I wanted to bless her.  It also taught me a lesson I've never forgotten - be prepared with film, batteries, memory cards - whatever your camera takes - and make sure they are in full working order, BEFORE the event!

I have also been on both sides of the unintended distracted driver scenario and am very happy to report that no serious injuries occurred, though I can't say the same for the cars involved.  I have learned to be a more focused and careful driver - even when my caution drives others a little nuts.

The best unintended result, of course, is the happy accident.  Like accidentally adding a spice to a recipe that then becomes your future secret ingredient because it was so darn good!!

My favorite kind of happy accident is with my camera.  I accidentally trip the shutter at exactly the right time or some weird mechanical error in the camera creates a stunning result.  In this case, the pear tipped over creating an adorable image of two pears "cuddling".

I wish you grace in your unintended results and would love to hear your stories!  Share in the comments!


  1. much grace to you, my graceful friend! remember, sometimes a gourd is just a gourd. ;)

  2. I just blogged today about a delightful unintended result. A passing hello on the sidewalk led to a 20 minute conversation with a totally charming stranger. A conversation which then led me to evaluate how I approach any task at hand, begrudgingly or with a greatest-of-all-time attitude.

    Of course, like all of us, I have also encountered harmful unintended results.

    So your post made me think about how everything matters because everything has a result, and along with the results we might intend, there are many more results that we don't.

    Hmm, I have to think about that some more. Thank you!