Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Give Up

I remember it like it was yesterday.  And it was horrible.  My first paid photo session.  She was pregnant and wanted some maternity shots.  I was full of ideas, dead batteries, and a lack of experience.

Put that together and the results were embarrassing.  I refunded her money and did not offer to reshoot.  I was too embarrassed and devastated.

Who did I think I was anyways?  It took a little while to heal from that, but I did not give up.  I kept trying, practicing, learning, reading.  Today, I can handle a shoot like that.  I still lack some experience and equipment.  But those are coming along and I definitely come up with images that I'm proud of and people like.

Had I given up, forget it.

Same with the Gingerbread House.  I could have given up after it fell down a couple of times.  I could have given up when I had a hard time with the icing.  I could definitely have given up when the cat licked the frosting off the roof.

But I didn't.  And it worked out.  I even learned a few things for next time!  (Including the beauty of confectioner's sugar to cover the roof patch!)

So, make your mistakes - you will.  Learn what you can from them and keep going.  Don't give up!

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