Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As you have probably realized by now, I like exploring blogs and reading other people's ideas and experiences.  I've even made my first online blog friend. (Hi Galen!)

A couple of weeks ago I found one called Tulip Times: Our thoughts on life, faith, family and everything in between.  I found it to be an interesting blog - especially since it's from a different world view point.  And it's thoughtful and well-written as well.

One of their posts was on language learning and inhibition...and risk-taking.  And it got me thinking.  (I love that!)

Ever watch a child master his or her native tongue?  No inhibition.  Ever watch a child learn a second language?  Again, no inhibition.  They mis-pronounce and mis-use words and grammar on a regular basis.

As we get older, language learning becomes more difficult.  We are more self-conscious.  More afraid of making mistakes.  More inhibited.  Less willing to take the risk of mis-pronouncing or mis-using a word.  And that fear, that inhibition, that reluctance to take risks gets in the way of learning.  Anything. 

I was going to say that this was especially true in creative endeavors, but I actually doubt that.  Any field or endeavor in which the learning and growth process is seen by others is likely to engender fear and a bit of inhibition.

But, just like the learning of language, if you're not willing to set aside that inhibition and take that risk, you will not learn.

I look at some of my earlier photographs and think, wow, I've grown.  I've learned.  I've improved.  But, if I hadn't been willing to try new things, explore, and take risks, I would still be taking the same kinds of pictures I'd always taken.

So, as you endeavor to learn something new, grow, or improve in whatever way, don't be afraid to mis-use or mis-pronounce your words.  That's how you're gonna grow!!  Try something new and different.  It's OK!

Where would you like to be less inhibited in your learning process?  What risks do you wish you were more willing to take?  Share in the comments!


  1. Hey back atcha! Okay, I'm going to say this out loud. I would like to be less inhibited in learning about technical stuff. Over the years, my ego has gotten pretty used to looking foolish, so I'm not really afraid to try things like languages, taekwondo, etc. But I have a real anxiety about technical stuff. For example, I'm nervous about trying things with my blog because I'm afraid the whole thing will just disappear if I push the wrong button! I know, I know. But there it is.

    So I made a promise with some friends yesterday that I would learn one new thing a month in 2011. I don't even know what I should learn, so they are going to make a schedule for me! It takes a village, I'm telling you, at least for me!

    Meanwhile, you have wowed me again with another photo. Some of your photos are full of symbolism, like the crow in the field. Others are like Zen koans, like the park bench. This one might be both!

  2. My favorite thing is to teach people who are fearful and help them overcome their fear. Too bad this is only a virtual friendship! Excellent and reasonable goal, though! I like it. And I'm glad you liked this photo. I took it of Christmas lights while moving the camera and then tweaked it in Photoshop which was adding the curves.