Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Time

Ah, time.  There never seems to be enough of it.  Demands come at us from every angle.  Work, or looking for work.  Taking care of the house.  Taking care of family.  Taking care of yourself.  Getting ready for the Holidays.  Keeping up with the news.  Showing up for appointments. 

Oh, yeah, and reaching those personal goals you might have.

Today is one of those days.  And the temptation is to put off the blog.  Let go of something important to me for the "tyranny of the urgent".  And, yet, those things are going to happen anyways.  I'm still going to do the computer project.  I'm still going to apply for those jobs.  I'm still going to the grocery store, the doctor, and the post office.  I'm still going to put off doing the Christmas cards one more day (hey, I'm being honest here!)

It's easy to put off the things that are more personal goals.  It would be easy to not do the blog.  It would be easy to not take any pictures today because there's no time.  But I refuse.

I don't want the every day things to get in the way of my personal goals.  It's not always easy, but it's important to me.  It's important for me to make the time to reach my goals and do what I need to do to get there.

What do you need to make time for?  How are you doing it?  Are you reaching your goals?

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