Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Found Where My Muse Isn't

I found out that my muse is not:
  • when I'm pre-occupied
  • when I don't feel good
  • when someone I love does not feel good (I'm talking more than the sniffles here)
  • when I'm angry
  • when I'm overwhelmed with sadness
It's important to know where your muse cannot be found.  My muse isn't elusive when it comes to place but rather when it comes to state of mind. 

It's just as important to know where your muse isn't as it is to know where your muse is or how to summon your muse.  (I suppose summoning your muse would be a good future post that I would be great to be interactive!!)

Sometimes when your muse will not show up, it's still OK to take pictures or create whatever it is you create.  It can be very therapeutic and sometimes the act of creating alone summons your muse even into these odd and uncomfortable situations.

The image I wanted to include with this post cannot be found.  It was not a great image technically but it summoned some of my deepest emotions when I look at it.  It was taken one of the many times my Mom was in the hospital.  The exposure was way off and beyond that, I could not critique it because it meant something entirely different to me.

It was an image of my Dad holding my Mother's hand in the hospital.  It means love and support and comfort.  It means being there in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad.  It means being together until death does us part... which it did.  So, just because your muse won't show up, doesn't mean you can't create something powerful.  It may not rock anyone else's world, but if it means something to you, who cares?

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