Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Going to Marry My Camera

Of course, my boyfriend doesn't know about this.  Nor does my camera.  But I think it's a stellar idea.

I always felt that the best relationships bring out the best in you.   They challenge you to grow yet comfort you when you inevitably fail miserably.  They also stay by your side through thick and thin and don't mind so much when you get angry at their quirks and then turn around and tell them how much you love them for their quirks.

And, so, I'm going to marry my camera.

My camera is always challenging me to grow and to see things in new ways.  It has made me branch out in new directions and take risks like printing business cards and starting blogs.

Sometimes when I'm feeling sad or out of sorts, I'll pick up my camera and snap a few.  Instant comfort and happiness.  What could be better?  OK, spooning would be nice.  I don't think spooning with my camera would be very satisfying.

My camera goes with me most of the places that I go.  And it likes the same people I like - always a plus.  My camera is with me when I'm happy, sad, feeling rich, or feeling poor.  Since it's not a film camera, it doesn't have the same drain on my wallet.  Though, like any marital partner, it wants it's toys!

And my camera is quirky.  Sometimes the flash won't go off or the lens won't focus quite right.  It's a bit of age, I think, but I'll chalk it up to quirkiness.  There are times I berate my camera for its misbehavior.  But in hindsight, and looking at the results, sometimes my camera's quirkiness was a gift such as an unexpected result.  And sometimes it forces me to let it rest while I do some first hand experiencing instead of just capturing. 

And, so, this weekend, I think I'll propose.  I wonder if a new filter will serve as a ring?


  1. Hahaha! Very clever. :)


  2. wanna have a double wedding? :)

  3. Thanks, Carmen. You are now officially invited to the double wedding!!! LOL

  4. And I suppose I need to fix that image. It's my own, but it's in a password protected gallery. Now I know what happens! Always learning...

  5. Very nice, I'll come too. However I think its wrong that The Picture People have an advertisement on your blog.