Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just Make It Fun!

There's a video I saw on You Tube recently that compared taking the stairs versus taking the escalator.  Well, needless to say, most people took the escalator.  A group of engineers wanted to turn that on its head and reverse that trend.  They did!  How?  They just added a bit of fun.  Take a look!

One of my best selling photo cards is of a silly little statue that I snapped a photo of down in North Carolina.  There's nothing spectacular about the photo.  Sure it's in focus and exposed properly, but beyond that?  Nada.  So, why is it one of my best selling cards?  It's fun.

A friend of mine holds Building Community parties to help build bridges and understanding amongst people of different races and backgrounds.  Does it work?  Sure.  It's fun!  (Though I'm sure he would ask me how I know since I've yet to attend one myself, but word spreads about fun things!)

So, are you trying to motivate yourself or someone else to do something that may sound less than appealing?  Just add fun!

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