Thursday, January 27, 2011

My 2011 Theme

After reading about this on several blogs, I wanted to try selecting a theme for the year for myself.  There are several I toyed with and a few I don't even remember.  But today, I finally found my theme.

Capture the Moment.

I'm sure this can be interpreted multiple ways, but I can think of three right now that make it ideal for me.

First, I like to capture the moment with my camera and want to continue doing so.

Second, I really want to focus on being in the now more.  To really capture the moment I'm in with my attention, thoughts, and presence.

Third, I want to seize the moment and not bypass opportunities from laziness or inattention.

I'm curious to see where this will bring me.  But for now, I'm just going to capture the present moment.

Do you have a theme for the year?  How do you capture the moment in your own life.  Please share in the comments!


  1. Oh, wow, you are in the zone! This is terrific--theme, photo, musings, everything!

  2. Oh, I got so excited I forgot to share my theme. My word is yield, as you already know. How do I capture the moment? Hmm, well, not as artistically as you, that's for sure. I think perhaps by stopping my inner chatter and paying attention.

  3. My problem is that I pay attention to my inner chatter! Sometimes, getting behind the lens forces me to focus (OK, VERY bad pun) on what is in front of me and what is happening at the time.