Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miracle Walks and an Oops.

Yes, there is indeed an ooops.  I did something wrong yesterday.  Well, probably lots of somethings, but in this case, I'll only share one.  My post yesterday wasn't quite ready to be published.  It was supposed to be notes for a draft.  If I find a blog that inspires ideas in my head, I'll often record a thought or two and link back to the blog and then save it as a draft.

Well, this time I published it!  Ooops!

So, what's the best way to fix an oops?  One option would be to feel so embarrassed that I didn't touch the blog for a long time.  Another would be to pretend it wasn't an oops and that I intended to do it just that way.  I'm choosing the third option - to confess it and to eventually finish my actual thoughts.  I think it's important to take responsibility for things - including mistakes.

So, on to my thoughts about miracles.

Miracle Walks

I read my friend Galen's post yesterday over on her blog 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (And Staying There) and she had written about miracles.  Show me the miracles!  (Instead of show me the money!)

I love the idea of that and have often relied on a variation of that myself.  I'm always looking to glean as much as I can from any particular experience.  Sometimes this requires some extensive reframing or changing my view point.  Other times it involves forcing myself to open my eyes and be in the moment.

One idea she had was a miracle walk which is actually something I do often with my camera.  I just called it by a different name - my "around the block" project.  I often go for a walk around the block with my camera in hand.  And I look, see, experience, feel, and capture all that I can that is interesting or beautiful.  Sometimes it requires a bit of searching.  And sometimes it requires a bit of motivation - like in the winter.

But, it's the times you work the hardest that the richest rewards are found.  Here is an example of an image I found on one of my own little "miracle walks".  (Speaking of miracles, the image upload is fixed!!!  Yay!!!!  Time to fix my other posts.)

And, yes, it's true...the last miracle walk I took was in the fall.  I guess I'm over due...

Do you take miracle walks?  What do they look like for you?


  1. So breathe it in and breathe it out
    Listen to your heartbeat
    There's a wonder in the here and now
    It's right there in front of you
    I don't want you to miss....
    The miracle of the moment!
    ~ Steven Curtis Chapman

  2. Ha! Well, I didn't even realize that yesterday was an oops! I thought you intended to just throw out the quote and leave it at that. But your elaboration today and the photo was much better. So glad the photo problem is fixed. I hope you find lots of miracles today!

  3. Michelle, that is beautiful. So often we overlook the simplest and yet most miraculous of miracles. Our breath, our heartbeat, our ability to see or hear or move... The ability to recover from a mistake... All these are miracles and more! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!