Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Makes YOUR Life Worth Living?

It won't be the same as everyone else.  That's what makes us so unique.  And even if we all chose the same path, we'd all end up in different places. What makes my life worth living won't be the same as what makes your life worth living.

Don't be a clone or a lemming and follow the crowd unthinkingly.  Think it through.  Does it work for YOU and the life that YOU are trying to create?  If not, then the best of folk wisdom, advice, or philosophy won't serve you in the least.

Take for example the idea of "having too much" or even the flip side of not having enough.  Who is it that determines the too much or not enough?  Why do you think you have too much or not enough?  According to whose standard?  And for what purpose?

I look around my house and I have a lot.  People would say it is cluttered, and honestly, I would have to agree.  It is.  But, it is cluttered with things that make my life worth living.  I have books which I love to read.  I have boxes of momentoes from family and friends that help to bring back special memories.  I have craft things to help me create and then, of course, I have zillions of photos, because that is what I do.

These are the things that make my life worth living. 

And then there's the health side of things.  Only eat organic.  Don't drink.  Don't eat too much meat.  Cut out all the sugar in your diet.  Is there wisdom in these things?  Of course!  But what works for you and your life style and what you want out of life?  Don't just do it because everyone else is.  I did that once.  I got myself down to a size 2. 

I thought that was the thing to do.  I became obsessed with exercise and everything I ate.  I look back at pictures of me at the time and I look absolutely skeletal.  It didn't serve to make my life worth living.  Now I've swung a little too far to the other side in an effort to find balance.    Sometimes chocolate pudding is what makes your life worth living that day!  Other days it's forgoing the beer.  And either is OK if you've thought it through and know the consequences and reasons for your choice.

I could go on with millions of examples from politics to art to religious beliefs.

The point is, it comes down to choice and thinking it through.

What works for you?  What makes YOUR life worth living?

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