Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Most Fun You Can Have For 37 Cents

So I went to CVS the other day and bought the following items:

1 bag of foil-covered chocolate hearts
1 bag of conversation hearts

I had a coupon and my grand total was 37 cents.

How much fun can I have?  I can't tell you all my plans or there won't be any surprises for my boyfriend come Valentine's Day.  But the fun began with saving money (I always get a kick out of that).  Then I shared the first chocolate heart with my young friend who very quickly wanted another.  It's always fun to share.

Then came my actual intention.  Photographs!!!

An hour later I had a small collection of passable photos.  More to come later.

And after that the fun of sharing and eating.

How much fun can YOU have for 37 cents?

Click here for purchasing information.

But as the little heart indicates, some fun is free!!

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