Monday, May 30, 2011

Cookouts, Picnics, and More!

Ah, Memorial Day... Official kick off to the summer season.  Cookouts, graduations, birthday parties, Fourth of July, picnics, outdoor concerts, bike rides, hikes....  So much fun and so little energy.  What's a girl to do?

Well, just like there are sooo many things I could buy (well if I had a bottomless wallet), it still comes down to choice and balance.

And so is the truth of photography as well.  Sure, I could burn a few hundred images in a day - and I do!  But, I don't keep them all.  And there are some I bypass...  I won't take a picture now, because in just a minute, her expression will be more pleasing.  I can get a slightly better angle, there's a papercup on the ground, there's a stick in the way.

And, so, I refrain.  Try to make my best shots to conserve the energy later of having to cull through so many to choose the best.  With a little forethought, I can do some pre-emptive culling.

And, so, this summer, I need to do the same with my choices of activity and carefully balance friends, family, activity, and restful solitude.  Sure, I want to do it all - who doesn't.  How have you "pre-emptively" culled your choices to conserve energy, space, or money?

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  1. I haven't done a very good job yet of selecting my time priorities for the summer. Your post is a good kick in the pants to do so! Thanks!