Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Heavens Weep

Grief is a difficult thing to go through.  Sometimes we grieve the loss of a loved one.  Sometimes we grieve the loss of our health.  Sometimes we grieve our lack of ability to do or to prevent something.

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And sometimes we grieve on behalf of someone else's loss or losses, such as during a natural disaster.

Today I grieve.  I grieve for a young woman whose innocence was violently taken from her.  And it hurts.  It hurts to watch someone you love suffer.  It hurts when there's nothing you can say or do to reverse what has happened or take away that pain.

But, I remember, that I am not alone.  One of the shortest verses in the Bible, is also, I feel, one of the most stunning and powerful as well.  "Jesus wept."  John 11:35  His friend Lazarus had died.  He ultimately raised him from the dead.  But before that, Jesus wept.

I believe He weeps with all of us who grieve.  We are not alone.  The heavens weep too.


  1. Still praying for this whole situation... --CH

  2. I don't know what this situation is, but I hear and feel the weight of your grief in your words and in your photo. The Bible acknowledges our sadness and Jesus felt it, too. I find comfort in Psalm 30:5. "Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning."