Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Steps

Sometimes it's hard to move forward.  Maybe you're lazy tired.  Or perhaps scared.  Perhaps you have conflicted feelings about the direction you are going or all the factors involved.  Or maybe the project or process you are working through is so immense and complex that you are intimidated and overwhelmed.


Ah, yes, procrastination.  I'm well acquainted with my dear friend, procrastination.  We've spent many an hour, day, week, month together.  I dare say, at times we've spent years together.  Procrastination is not a stranger to me.  At all.

Eventually we feel like Ana├»s Nin in her quote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

Photograph baby toesProcrastination is no longer our friend. 

Enter... Baby steps.

I take lots of baby steps.  Itty bitty, teeny tiny baby steps.

I've been known to count labeling a file folder as a step.  And that may be the step for the entire week.  But, it's a step.  Sometimes most of my work is mental.

I'm going through a process now which I'm conflicted about and involves some major life change.  Years ago, I started talking about it.  Months ago, I obtained a phone number from a friend.  I carried it around for ages.  Finally, the phone number made it into my phone.  A week later, I made the call.  A week after receiving the paperwork, I filled out the first page.  Then I stopped.  (Time for a baby nap!)  But, I got a little scared.  Started having second thoughts.  Started doubting my own gut.

I needed to make another call to someone else.  Once again, the phone number went into my purse.  Two weeks later, it went into my phone.  A week later, I made the call.  (Do you see a pattern here?)

Now, weeks, months later, the process is finally begun and I'm moving in the direction that I thought about for years.  It finally became too painful to stay where I was.  The baby steps have picked up momentum and now it feels a bit like an avalanche.  (Breathe!!!!)

But, all along, I was moving forward.  I was taking small steps.  I was preparing my mind and my heart for the process that was before me.  And it won't be easy.  But each day, I'll take a few more steps.  Eventually, I'll get to where I'm going.

What process or project are you working on?  How do you take baby steps?  Are you moving forward?  Find that phone number or email.  Return that call.  Label that file folder.  At least begin. The rest will follow....eventually.


  1. I relate to everything here 110%.

  2. love wrote it as you were speaking! CM

  3. Labeling a file folder. That's my kind of baby step. Right now, I'm trying to relabel my earlier blog posts. 10 a day--that's my baby step for now.

    So you have me intrigued about your major life change--is it something you are going to share eventually? Don't have to, of course. But I do hope it is something that will lead you to greater joy and peace in your life.

  4. Well, right now my baby steps have turned into leaps. Trying not to get overwhelmed. The major transition is a sale of my condo. And tomorrow the first viewer is going to come by. So I'm on an overload of cleaning and de-cluttering. Amazing what the imminent and inevitable can do for one's motivation!!