Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet Kirsten

Meet my friend, Kirsten.  She's great.  We met years ago at a Starbucks in Melrose, MA.  I think it was fated.  I had up my very first photography display so came to sit one night on the off chance that someone wanted to meet me or ask about my photography, or, better yet, buy one.  I was innocent of the gift fate was about to deliver to me.

Along came a young woman with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a sweet and gracious smile.  She asked if she could sit with me since all the tables were full and she was here to perform at the open mike.  I quickly agreed and we've been friends ever since.

Kirsten Manville has a magical voice that is warm and sweet and will captivate you.  We have been working towards our dreams side by side for a long time.  Since I've known her, she has come out with two CDs with Dave Simmons (Dreams That Just Won't Let Go and Things You Learn), designed her own website (, and is hard at work writing songs and even a screen play!  And, if rumor has it right, she'll be producing a solo CD in the future!  Kirsten and Dave also have a website for the work they do together,,

I've had the honor and privilege not only of being Kirsten's friend, but of photographing two of her CD covers, and providing many of the images for her website.  This has been a tremendous honor for me in being involved with such a sweet and talented woman.  

I encourage you to not only visit her website, but also to listen to a sample of her music.  I think you will be as enchanted as I am!

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  1. Kirsten & Dave
    Was hoping to see you perform at Walnut cafe but fickle finger of weekend plans had other thing in mind. Hope to see you again soon ! Carolyn M