Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vuja de

As many of you know, I'm a bit of a magpie - both literally and figuratively.  I'm a collector of things - images, ideas, tidbits of this or that.  And many of them make it back to my "nest".  Those who have seen my craft closet know the truth of this!

Window Silhouettes
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This time, I found an idea that really appealed to me.  It applies to both life and photography - taking the familiar and making it unfamiliar.

"2. I resolve to embrace a sense of vuja dé. We’ve all experienced déjà vu—looking at an unfamiliar situation and feeling like you’ve seen it before. Vuja dé is the flip side of that—looking at a familiar situation (an industry you’ve worked in for decades, problems you’ve worked on for years) as if you’ve never seen it before, and, with that fresh line of sight, developing a distinctive point of view on the future. The challenge for all of us is that too often, we let what we know limit what we can imagine. This is the year to face that challenge head-on."

How have you done this?  How can you apply this to whatever situation you are in - whether your camera is in your hand or not?  Can you find a way to view the familiar and make it fresh and new?


  1. Doing that exact thing with my inspired by my trip to Disney! CM

  2. How interesting that I'm reading this right now. Just a few hours ago, I was reflecting on something that has bothered me for years, and all of a sudden, I saw it in a radically different way. What a relief!

  3. Amazing what a fresh perspective can do. Trying to do the same for my job and so many other things. I'm waiting for that aha moment when it all comes clear! :)