Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's the Problem?

"The problem isn't the problem but what we think about the problem"

Bad things do happen, but so do good things. "Stop living in fear, with your eyes stuck on your giants, and start looking for a few stones to throw at them."

I don't remember where exactly the above quotes came from, but they ring so true.  I look at this picture below that I took of a home in Vermont that was ravaged by Hurricane Irene and it speaks volumes.

Having your home completely destroyed is no small problem.  You scream and rage "Irene you bitch".  And it's good to vent.  But on the other hand, this same problem brought out gratitude, community, and love.  So bad things happen, but so do good things.

Queechee, VT. Click here to purchase.
How do you view your problems?  Are you able to see the good side?  Are you throwing stones at those giants?  No?  Get busy and rock on!  :)

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