Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Give Up!

It's time to give up.  It's time to stop trying.  Just let go.  Relax.  Release that white knuckle grip you have on life and just surrender.
  • Give up trying to hold it all together.
  • Give up trying to make excuses and accept the truth 
  • Give up trying to be the person you always THOUGHT you should be and let yourself be who you are.
  • Give up waiting for tomorrow and start living today.
  • Give up settling for less than you deserve and reach for more.
  • Give up wallowing in self-pity and take action.
  • Give up wanting more and more and more and be grateful for the things you have.
  • Give up constantly reminding yourself of your limitations and remind yourself of your strengths instead.

Just give up.  Let go.  And when you do, you might find that there really are no limits.  What are you ready to give up?

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  1. My word of the year last year was Yield. This reminded me of that. For me, give up knowing. That seems to be my theme these days. Like the guest post I did for you! Over and over, I come up against all I don't know. Falling away. By the way, Bruce Lee described his martial arts philosophy as "No way as way. No limitation as limitation."

  2. That is such a good word. For me, I think I need to yield to the process of life and not try to control it so much. That's a lot of where this came from. I suppose not knowing is part of life. No crystal balls that I know of though I wish for one!!