Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Else Is In Your Camera Bag?

Yesterday I was reading a blog I visit occasionally  - Divas and Dreams.  The post was on 3 Steps to Make Better Photos.  Right off the bat, I'm struck by the title.  Not "take" better photos, but "make" better photos.  In order to make better photos, you need to have the right tools.  I already posted previously about what to keep in your camera bag.

I'm talking about some other stuff that's good to keep in there.  Figurative stuff.  Stuff you might not normally think of.

Compassion - to comfort and encourage the shy, self-conscious, or uncomfortable subject
Courage - to step outside your comfort zone and try something new
Imagination - to view things a little differently
Kindness - to be gentle and nice towards those you are interacting with
Patience - to get the right timing, the right expression, the right light
Vision - to see and recognize beauty and grace when you see it.

Come to think of it, those are pretty good tools for life too.  Don't forget to pack your bag well! (And don't forget your friends - especially the ones who pack the same tools as you do and are willing to walk beside you!)

Photograph Beautiful Woman Contemplating

What tools do you carry?


  1. Great post! Especially because you included the beauty and grace part. :)

  2. But of course, my dear friend, but of course! :)

  3. Love your posts about photography--I should share them with my daughter who is taking a photography class right now!

  4. Thanks, Galen, I'd love that! I'd love to see some of her work some time if she wants to share!