Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be Who You Are

By now you all know, I like reading various blogs.  I'm not a faithful follower of many - there are just so many out there that I like and only so many hours a day.

Anyways, one of the ones I enjoy is Crazy Aunt Purl.  It's about knitting and life and I find it amusing even though I don't knit.  On May 18th, she was writing about a Langston Hughes poem she was reading and concluded with this sentence: "Write what you must, say what you can, be who you are. "  Of course, I need to adapt it a bit "Photograph what you must....."

Often, the creative muse inside of us is trying to communicate and we feel compelled to write or create something specific.  I've had that quite a bit.  And it's important to follow those inner promptings.  It's part of the process of saying what we can and being who we are.  It's not easy sometimes.  Some of the images I create like this I show to people and others I don't.  Some people will understand what I photographed and why and others won't.  But it is so important to be true to yourself.

Remember the candle I was going to light to find some insight on my life and how to use my new office and creation space best?  Well, I was hoping for some deep insight.  I was hoping for some magical revelation that once found would help me solve all my problems.  Guess what I got.  I got "you're a hoarder".  LOL.  Not really.  What I got is that I'm indecisive and that I'm afraid to let go of options.  What I got is that I need to be like a horse with blinders and stay on the straight and narrow.  And I also realized that for me, it is going to be a process that I need to repeat on a fairly regular basis.

So, I've chosen 5 hobbies/crafts for which I want to keep supplies.  It should be four, when I'm really honest with myself, but I'm not ready to part with the other one yet.  In time, in time.  So, I filled a trash bag with things I knew I couldn't pass along to anyone and I've made yet another pile of things to pass on.  I hope by minimizing the distractions of hobbies I no longer pursue or enjoy, that it will allow me to focus my energy on those things I do want to pursue.  And this carries over to the work I'll be doing as well since this one room will be serving multiple purposes.

I recognize that part of who I am is an eclectic magpie and that's OK.  I also know that I want to photograph and say what I must, and in order to do that, I need to have lots of space and little distraction for the creation to happen.

So, I encourage you, to write, photograph, create what you must, say or sing what you can, be who you are and enjoy it!!  Just remember to make the space for it!

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