Thursday, August 9, 2012

Being Found

Today I listened to a webinar about being found.  Who doesn't want to be found?  I mean, it means someone was looking for you!  Isn't that a great feeling?  Being sought after?  It gives you a sense of value and worth and recognition.

The webinar I listened to was specifically about being found on Linked In during a job search.  (Want to see my profile?  Click here!)

I listened to this webinar for a few different reasons.  One, I happen to be looking for a day job that helps me live and work my passions and pay the bills so I can continue my photography.  Two, one of my passions is being a job coach and this was an excellent set of tools that could be used in a job search.  Three, it also can help me get exposure for my blog and for my website.  Yes!  I have a website!  You didn't know?  Check it out!

What did I learn and why am I sharing it on a blog about photography?  OK, so here goes my line of logic.  Photography requires creativity.  Creativity requires risk-taking.  Taking a risk is hard and scary.  Putting yourself out there to be found is a risk and is scary.  So, therefore, being found is part of photography - especially if you are wanting to make it a business!

photograph of telescope at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Salem, MASo here is the scary part.  What happens if you are found?  What happens if someone says, hey, I think that person or that person's skills, or that person's art is what I've been looking for.  And, suddenly, you are in a spotlight...big or small.  And people are looking at you and your skills and your art.

And you get scared.  What if you disappoint the person?  What if the person thinks you're a fraud (or discovers that you are a fraud - even if you're really not - you know what I'm talking about here, right?)  What if so many people find me I can't keep up?

And then there's the other fear.  What if I put myself out there and nobody wants me?  What if I think what I created is beautiful and everyone else thinks its hideous?  What then?

All these fears are valid and need to be addressed.  Journaling, talking with friends, counseling, prayer, and positive self-talk are all tools that you can use to address those fears.  Believing in yourself and in the work you are creating is paramount to your success.

Here are a few strategies that I was exposed to (and am still learning about) during this webinar.

  • Being found online, whether on Linked In or otherwise, is only a stepping-stone to face-to-face or other more personal interaction.
  • Have lots of connections both in and out of your industry.
  • Have connections with other people who have lots of connections (On Linked-In, you have access to the third level of your connections so this can be exponential!)
  • Be sure you are using appropriate key words on your website, your profiles, your blogs, etc. 
  • Listen!  What are other people in your industry doing and talking about?  Are you participating in the discussion?
  • Create a personal brand!  Who are you?  Your resume lists your skills but not your passions and enthusiasm.
  • Create a call to action.  (What's a call to action?  Simply put: including a call to action means asking your reader to do something. Check out which is where I've started to learn more about it myself.)
  • And, get lots of links back to your own website.  This is called SEO - search engine optimization.  I'm definitely still learning about this and am very open to suggestions and ideas.
  • IMPLEMENT!!!  So easy to gather ideas, ideas, and more ideas and never do a thing.  Anyone out there use Pinterest?  Yeah?  So you know exactly what I mean!

What are you doing to be found?  I would love to hear some ideas!  And how are you dealing with your fears of being found?  Please share in the comments!  (See, a call to action!!)  If you like what you read here, share it with others!  (Look!  Another call to action!!)


  1. Oh! Just a note, if you are checking out my Linked In profile, it's currently a work in progress. It's currently geared to the legal IT industry rather than geared towards my photography and upcoming non-profit work. (Yes! I WILL find a non-profit job that I love!!!)

  2. I make sure I syndicate my blog across all platforms, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook groups, and LinkedIn.

    1. Maureen, I would love to chat with you more about how you get that accomplished. Do you mean you publish your blog in all locations when you have a new entry? Does that increase your readership?