Wednesday, December 5, 2012


image - what's in it for me?

Ever heard that before?  WIFM?  What's in it for me?  It's a good question to ask about what you yourself are offering another person.  But not from your own perspective - from theirs.

What's in it for me?

I'm trying to write a blog.  So, I take the perspective of the reader and ask "What's In It For Me?"  In other words, what am I offering to you the reader that is of value to you.  When I ask that lately, I have no good answer.  I'm not really offering much but random thoughts and an occasional pretty picture.  So, really, why would you bother coming here?

We all have very limited time with many things competing for that time.  Why would you spend it here?  If I were you, I wouldn't.  I'm not trying to beat myself up here.  I'm not looking for your encouragement.  I'm recognizing a truth a this time in my life.

I'm in the process of starting a new computer software training business complete with business plan, website, and panic attacks of all types!  (See Targeted Content & Training  or my website  (I chose not to follow this path.)

I'm also in the process of learning how to be a stepmom.  And I'm learning about IEPs (Individual Education Plans).

Did I mention I'm supposed to be planning a wedding?

And you all have read at various times about my struggles with my health - which, thankfully, IS getting better!!  Yay!!!

But, having all these things going on brings me to a place where I need to set some things aside and really focus.  I'm doing too much and it ends up not being done well and it affects my health too.  This blog has suffered from my lack of time, attention, and focus.  It makes me a little sad, but I've decided to shelve it, for just a little while - despite the fact that I recently started a "Help Therese Kay Photography Feed the Hungry Campaign" for new followers.  I will still feed the hungry because I believe in doing so.

So, consider for yourself if you are spreading yourself too thin or working too hard.  If you are, it may be time to take a few things off your list.... even if it's just for a little while.  I've been thinking about doing this for some time, but this little article helped me to make the decision.  Maybe it will help you too.  Live your life in such a way that you won't look back with too many regrets.  Human nature dictates, I think, that there will be some, but let's try to minimize them!!

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