Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who Made the Rules, Anyways?

I wonder that a lot lately.  Much that I had expected to work out in my life and to make me happy and content hasn't quite worked out that way.  Here are some examples of "rules" I've attempted to follow:
  • Thou shall post to your blog on a regular basis in order to maintain and increase your readership.
  • Thou shall always be loving and kind and never resent a teenager.
  • Thou shall work a full time job come high water, poor health, or exhaustion.
  • Thou shall always remain positive no matter what happens and constantly seek the "sunny side of the street"
  • Thou shall have "an attitude of gratitude"
These things are true... and I try... but it's not my reality and I'm about to break the rules!  Well, at least the rule about the blog.  I really miss writing the blog.  I get a kick out of the thought that people might read it.  But I find a simple enjoyment in sharing my musings, random as they might be and images that sometimes match my musings... and sometimes don't!  It doesn't matter - I'm gonna break the rules anyways!

What rules are you about to break in order to make your life more fulfilling and balanced?  Below is an image of one of the rules that I broke!  I'm gluten, dairy, sugar, and yeast free.... and this delightful indulgence was actually one of those... but not the rest of them!  And, man, was it delicious!!  I didn't indulge in the entire slice as I would have paid for that, but what I did eat was absolutely amazing!  :)  

photograph of an allergy-free dessert

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  1. Correction! this lovely "cheese" cake was actually both gluten and dairy free, and probably yeast free. Sugar free? NOT - but it was not refined sugar... I consumed this lovely at the Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly, MA. Well worth the trip and you can often find a Groupon!!