Friday, February 13, 2015

Photo Friday: Heart in Hands

My heart is in my hands, and I offer it to you.
photograph of two hands holding a red heart
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I had other plans for a Valentine's Day post.  Like, 10 Things I Love about Photography or some such thing.  But, instead, my heart is in my hands.

Someone I love may be dying and it hurts... a lot.  And now my heart and mind are elsewhere - as they should be.  (Update 3/22/15  She is yo-yo-ing a bit with recoveries and setbacks.  Please continue to pray for her.)

In processing my loved one's potential passing.  Here are the things I will and will not do:

  1. I will make sure I go to see her and tell her I love her.
  2. I will not stop loving others just because it hurts sometimes.
  3. I will tell all the people in my life that I love them as often as I can because you never ever know when it's the last time that you might be able to tell them that.
  4. I will not live in fear of death or dying or losing someone.  It has happened and will continue to happen.  Death is part of life.
  5. I will enjoy moments and live my life to the fullest to honor the people I have lost.
  6. I will celebrate the big and the little things, even super-commercialized holidays like Valentine's Day!
  7. I will look at the many pictures I have of the person who I might lose and remember the good times we had together.
  8. I will continue to take many pictures of the people I love so I have those pictures to help me remember.
  9. I will not turn every event into a photo shoot.  There is a time and a place for portrait photography and a time and a place to simply capture memories.
  10. I will encourage my friends and family to not be so self-conscious of the camera.  Allow the people who love you to capture who you are so they can have memories too!
With that, I encourage you to think about someone you love and take this opportunity to tell them.  Any excuse to tell someone that you love them and care about them is worth celebrating!

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