Friday, February 20, 2015

Photo Friday: Making a Collage in Lightroom

Summer, Where Art Thou?

Ah... Summer!  Wish thinking summer would make me warmer but with 80 plus inches of snow in less than a month, I really need a pick me up... don't you?  So, with that in mind, I just learned how to make the fun little collage you see pictured above with some of my most summery images.  Personally, I'd love to be that cat sunning her belly!

Making a Collage in Lightroom

These are instructions for Lightroom 3, since that's what I have.  
First, I began by heading over to Flourish, where Jill has made over 175 lightroom templates available for use.  Thanks, Jill!

(Instructions updated with graphics on April 1, 2015 - no joke!)

  1. Save the desired template where you would like on your computer.
  2. Open Lightroom.
  3. Navigate to the Print section.  Along the left-hand side of the screen, expand the Template Browser.
  4. Right-click on Lightroom Templates and select the option New Folder.
  5. In the dialog box, name the folder as desired and click Create.  This is where your downloaded template will end up, so name the folder something like "downloaded templates".
  6. Right-click on your newly named folder and select Import.
  7. Navigate to the location where you downloaded your template, select it, and click Import.
  8. Select the newly imported template.
  9. Navigate to the Library section and select the folder that contains the photos you wish to include in your collage.  All images must be in the same folder.
  10. Navigate back to the Print section.  You will notice that the images you selected in the library are now displayed in a filmstrip beneath the template.
  11. Select an image from the film strip at the bottom and drag it to the location in the collage where you would like it to be placed.
  12. Continue until all images are placed in the frame.
  13. To adjust an image within the frame, hold down the [Ctrl] key while you move it.
  14. If images in the collage are layered or need to be rotated, right click the desired image and additional options will appear for you to choose from.

  15. If you wish to use the Identity Plate, double-click on it and add text or a png logo and click OK.  The Identity Plate can be relocated anywhere within the collage by clicking and dragging it.  
    If you do not wish to use the Identity Plate, simply ignore the text box and it will not print in your final collage.
  16. If you wish to change the background color of the collage, click on the color icon next to Page Background Color in the right-hand pane and select the desired color.

  17. If you wish to change the size of the border, use the Photo Border slider in the Image Settings section.
  18. Select any other desired options in the right-hand pane and click Print to File....
  19. Navigate to the folder within which you want to save the collage, enter a File Name and click Save.

I hope this tutorial is helpful and that the sunny images brighten your day!

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