Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo Friday: Spring Photos

The thermometer is very slowly rising and the snowbanks are very slowly shrinking.  According to the calendar, spring is less than two weeks away!  After this long winter, I’m sure we are all eager for the warm weather, and all that comes with it, including spring images of new life and family!

My Favorite Spring Images

You would think that being the family-oriented person I am that my favorite spring images would center around all the holidays in the spring.  But I am just so drawn to the new life budding out of the ground.  If you looked at my files of images you would see April and May overflowing with thousands of images of spring flowers and budding trees.

This particular image is one of the most meaningful spring images I’ve taken. New life literally forcing it's way through "death". My Mom died the weekend after Easter, so every time I look at this image, I get a lump in my throat. I had her on my mind when I created this image.

photo spring shoot through dead leaf
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Oh, but you wanted some cheery spring images! Silly me - here's a few!

photo of yellow daffodil against field of purple flowers
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Photo of a blooming tree in spring with white blossoms
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photo of pale purple flowers
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photo of a large white blossom
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The tips that follow are for capturing your little ones who have finally come out of winter hibernation to play outside in the warm sunshine! There are so many opportunities, holidays, and events that are coming up and you'll want to be ready with your camera!

Five Spring Photo Tips for Capturing the Kiddos

Little ones move.  Quite a bit.  You ask them to smile and you get that cheesy grin.  So, what’s the secret to getting your little ones to be still and have a natural expression?  Well, if I gave all that away, I’d be out of business!  Just kidding.  

There are lots of tricks to get great pictures of the kids at holiday events or out finally enjoying warm sunshine after a long winter!  Here are a few:

  • Kids who are busy or engrossed with something tend to stay still.  Give them a toy, a flower, or something holiday themed that will capture their attention.
Photo of a young boy taking a picture with a toy camera

  • Catch them in the act!  Just follow them around with your camera and let them do what they do.  When you are ready to snap an image, get down to their eye-level and snap away.  If you are able to keep your distance and zoom in, all the better!
photo of a boy jumping

  • Have them call the shots.  Let them pose the way they want to for a few shots.  Take turns.  Child decides on a pose (usually incredibly silly!) and you decide on a pose.  This can take work and sometimes it works beautifully! Other times the child may still be a little stiff and uncomfortable .  That’s when it’s time to try some of the other tricks. But keep those ones of the kids posing themselves! It shows off their personality!
photo of a boy making a cool pose for the camera

  • Tell them a joke to make them laugh.  Better yet, have them tell you a joke.  Did you ever notice that kids think they are the funniest thing ever?
photo of a boy laughing

  • Every now and then you need a “kid-wrangler”.  Sometimes no matter how you entice them or what you say, that little one will not stay put.  Grab a helper, or two!  Have them engage your little one and snap away.  And you’ll likely get natural expressions if they are engaged with their “kid-wrangler”!
photo of a family pig pile laughing

The most important thing is to make memories and capture life, and your child, the way they really are.  Try not to let your desire for that perfect picture take over what should be fun family time.

Good luck!  It’s not always easy, but don’t give up.  I’d love to hear how these tips helped you!  Share in the comments.

Do you have a friend who could benefit from these tips?  Go ahead and share them!

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