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Writer Wednesday: Children's Books about Chronic Illness, Part 3

graphic: Writer Wednesday children's books about chronic illness part 3

This is part 3 in a series of literature reviews for children coping with a parent who has a chronic or serious illness.  See Part 1 and Part 2!

Why Does Mommy Hurt?

By: Elizabeth M. Christy
Illustrated by: James G. Miller
Age Range: 4 - 8
Softcover: 22 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press; 1st edition (May 9, 2014)
ISBN-10: 1478732969
ISBN-13: 978-1478732969
What to Expect: A young boy learns how to play with his Mom who has fibromyalgia.

Jimmy’s Mom has fibromyalgia.  Jimmy finds different ways of helping his Mom with her different symptoms like being tired, losing things, and forgetting things.  Jimmy sometimes finds it hard to remember her Mom’s sick because she doesn’t look sick.  This book addresses so many of the difficult symptoms of invisible illness and the challenges a child might face having a parent that is suffering from them.  This book is unique in the topics it addresses.  There is a great need for others addressing the same topics.
Mommy Has To Stay in Bed

By: Annette Rivlin-Gutman
Illustrated by: Bonnie Lemaire and Shannon Stamey
Age Range: 4 - 8
Softcover: 24 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (October 6, 2006)
ISBN-10: 141964775x
What to Expect: A young girl and her Mom learn how to play and interact while Mom is on bedrest.

This young girl’s mom is on bedrest for an unspecified reason.  She keeps her mom entertained in bed by reading stories, playing pretend, building bed forts and doing art projects. Her mom lets her get frustrated and angry with the situation.  Her mom also comforts her when she’s afraid to leave her alone when she goes to her grandmother’s house.  Despite missing play dates and waiting for her mom to get better, she is happy to stay by her side.

When Mommy Is Sick

By: Ferne Sherkin-Langer
Illustrated by: Kay Life
Age Range: 4 - 8
Softcover: 24 pages
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company; 1 edition (January 1, 1995)
ISBN-10: 0807588946
ISBN-13: 978-0807588946
What to Expect: A young girl has to cope while her mother is in the hospital and her Dad and babysitter care for her.

The young girl in this story has to cope with her Mom who gets sick sometimes and needs to go to the hospital.  Her babysitter, her friend’s mom, and her Dad all help care for her while she’s waiting for her Mom to come home.  In her eyes only her mom knows how to take care of her just right.  She uses a number coping skills like marking off a calendar, making her mom a card, and welcoming her mom back home with a big banner.  This story is very comforting while dealing with the reality ther Mom still needs rest.

When Pete’s Dad Got Sick

By: Kathleen Long Bostrom
Illustrated by: Cheri Bladholm
Age Range: 4 - 8
Softcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN-10: 0310706556
ISBN-13: 978-0310706556
What to Expect: Pete, a young boy, learns to adapt his relationship to his now sick Dad.  This is a faith-based book from a Christian perspective.
Pete’s Dad used to run and play with him but now he walks with a cane and sometimes uses a wheelchair.  Even though Pete prays that his Dad will get better, he doesn’t.  Pete struggles with anger, frustration, and shame with his Dad’s illness.  Pete’s Dad reassures him that even though he can’t run like he used to that he’ll always be his Dad and can still teach him a few things.  

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Want to see more books about children of parents with a chronic illness? See Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Have you read any of these books to a child? Are there others you have read that address this topic? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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