Friday, April 24, 2015

Photo Friday: 9 of My Favorite Photo Apps

9 favorite photo apps

9 of My Favorite Photo Apps

Here are 9 photo apps I like and use on my iPhone.  I have more, but these are the ones I frequent most.  They are listed in no particular order. I paid $1.99 or less for each of these when I purchased them - of course prices may increase over time. Many of them were free with the option of add-ons.

  1. Glaze - Turns photos into paintings with various effects.
  2. ColorUp Lite - Transform an image to black & white and bring color back to selected areas
  3. Camera Plus - Allows you to extend beyond the built in camera including various focus modes.
  4. Repix - Includes 28 brushes and 16 filters to transform your photos.
  5. Moldiv - Collage photo editor. Tons of layouts
  6. SlowShutter - Allows you to use a slower shutter speed to capture a variety of effects
  7. Pro HDR - Allows you to create and adjust full resolution HDR images
  8. MIX - Design and save your own photo formulas by layering filters, textures, and Depth of Field effects
  9. AutoStitch _ Allows you to stitch images (from 2 to 40) to create panoramas.

What are some of your favorite photo apps?

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