Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo Friday: Do I Look Fat in This Camera Strap?

Do I look fat in this camera strap? Well, do I?  Or is this camera strap just that right shade of slimming black and grey?

What to Wear on a Photoshoot
We all worry about how we appear to others. This is no less true for a photographer. We want to look nice and professional but not worry about kneeling in the dirt to get just the right perspective. At a wedding we don't want to be mistaken for a guest, or a table server. We need to dress both for the event and for the part. If I wear a dress or skirt, will I be able to gracefully and modestly climb up on the chair or squat low to the floor?
And what about my hair?  It needs to look nice but not be in my face. If it's breezy out, my hair could definitely be a distraction.
So, I've come up with a couple of standard outfits when I'm photographing an event. And a couple of key elements I think about when dressing for other types of photo sessions.

My Formal Event "Uniform"

I tend to dress in all black, or at least mostly black. Black is an unobtrusive background type of color.
I wear a shirt that can stand up to a moving camera strap. For me this means no button downs that can come unbuttoned and no fabrics that can easily be snagged. I'm going for a snazzy look not a snaggy look.
There are only 3 kinds of bottoms I consider: pants, a split skirt/gaucho pant kind of thing, or a maxi skirt/dress. I need to be able to move about freely and easily without worrying if I'm unintentionally showing off my panties!  I need to be able to get shots such as these:

I wear comfortable shoes. I'm likely to be on my feet for the entire event. My shoes need to be sturdy, supportive, comfortable, and yet befitting of the event. No one would be thrilled with my preferred hiking shoes at a wedding!
Since my clothing is mostly black or another dark color, I like to add a fun necklace... But only if it won't be in the way or get caught on my shirt or camera strap. I pair it with simple coordinating earrings - nothing dangly. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is, not to mention embarrassing, when you get your earring caught in your camera strap?  Thankfully I don't really remember how I know that. Memory issues can be a beautiful thing at times!
My hair is generally pulled back in some way. An indoor event may warrant a barrette or a headband. An outdoor event, or an event requiring some portion of outdoor shots, will usually have me putting my hair up entirely in a fancier ponytail or bun.
Add some lipstick or lipgloss and call me done. I generally avoid mascara or eye-makeup since it inevitably smudges. Raccoon eyes aren't really in fashion these days.

Be Prepared

I also follow the Girl Scout motto I grew up with, "Be prepared!"  I keep an extra change of clothes, safety pins, bobby pins, and a few extra hair elastics stashed away if needed. Don't want to get caught with my pants (falling) down!  Lol

The Big Reveal

And now what I am sure you've all been waiting for... A few selfies and images of me in a variety of photoduds.

This image shows me trying to bridge the gap between photographer and guest, since I was both this time. I chose a pretty maxi dress with a camisole underneath in case the camera strap caught a dress strap. We want a photography "suit" not a birthday suit!

In the collage below, you can see my typical outfit for a summer wedding and what I typically wear for a family or other outdoor shoot. Excuse the bathroom selfies. I swear, I'm not a teenager! Also shown is my "be prepared" kit!

What to wear for a photo shoot

What do you wear when you take images? Have you ever had a photographer show up dressed inappropriately? Tell me more in the comments!

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