Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Creating a Cozy Reading Space

Everyone loves a little nest.  Especially kids!  They love forts and tents and tubes and boxes…  So, creating a cozy space for kids to read only takes a little bit of imagination!

What Do You Need?

  • Imagination
  • A child
  • Some books
  • A little bit of space, a corner works well, but is not necessary
  • Something soft and cozy to sit on (a pillow, rug, mat, or fuzzy blanket works!)
  • A desire to pass on a love of reading to your child
  • A blanket or stuffie
  • More books!
  • A tent, sheet, box, laundry basket, children’s pool...
  • Bookcases or containers for the books
  • More children
  • Decorations


Here are some of the simplest ideas to show you just how easy it can be!  
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A simple cardboard box can be great!
Toss some pillow on the floor!
book tub reading.jpg
A laundry basket, with or without pillows can be cozy!
Drape a sheet over a table to make a temporary reading fort!
A giant stuffy can be a cuddly place to read!
crib-matress.jpg  IMG_9358_B.jpg
Have an old crib mattress?  Perfect!  With or without  a drape!
Toss some pillows in that pool and you’ve got a cute and cozy space to read!

Need More Inspiration?


Follow Therese's board Cozy up to Reading! on Pinterest.

Have you ever created a reading space for your child?  What did you use?

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