Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tracking Health

Ah, yes.  This is a task that not many with a complex or chronic illness can avoid.
I myself am not very organized at it.  That is, until I had to apply for SSDI (which got denied by the way).  It was then that I realized how important it was to track my symptoms, medications, doctors, test results, what I had tried, what worked, what didn't work, how much I slept, etc.
In talking with the Lyme community, many have resorted to creating their own systems because not much on the market met our complex needs.  Many have used Excel or Word or Google Docs to track the copious amount of information that needs to be kept.
OK, enter brain fog, limited computer literacy, or days of being too sick and you can see where many might run into trouble.
Luckily, in that regard, I'm fairly computer literate since I used to train computer software in law firms and non-profits.  However, I'm also flaky and have a hard time getting organized or learning new skills (thanks, Lyme!  OK, Lyme isn't the only thing to blame for my flaky nature.  Some of that I was born with!)
I've been working quite hard on designing a health journal that will work for people who are chronically ill or trying to figure out what is going awry with their health.  I've spoken with many many people who have had to track things and what they used to do it.
I'm preparing to launch my journal soon, but feel the need to ensure I haven't missed anything important.  So, I've created a survey with Survey Monkey.  It's a brief 8-question survey.  I would be THRILLED if you could take a few moments out of your busy day to answer the survey.  Your answers will help me to design the best tool that I can to serve a community of people who need all the help and assistance they can get to optimize their health.
Will you be part of it?  Click here to take the survey!  (Note: This survey will be removed from Survey Monkey at the end of May 2016.)

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