About Me

Hi!  I’m Therese Kay, Children’s Writer and Photographer. Welcome!

1. What is this place?

This is my little corner of the internet where I discuss photography, writing for and reading to children, and a few other things like health!
Why would I talk about health too?  I’ll let you in on a little secret - I have health issues of the chronic variety.  Which ones?  Well, tests will tell, but in the meantime, I’m doing my best to keep myself as healthy and happy as possible!

2. Are you Theresa Kay?  You know, the Young Adult Sci-Fi author?

Nope, but here’s a link to her website: www.TheresaKay.com.  My name is spelled with a silent e at the end.  It rhymes with Denise.  "Therese"  If that’s too hard, just call me Terri, with an i.

3. What’s in this for me?

I’m so glad that you asked!  Hopefully, lots!  I love to write inspiring and creative posts designed to entertain and inform you!  Here you will learn a bit about writing, reading, children’s development, photography, life in general, and maybe a bit about health since that is often on my mind.
You may have stumbled upon my blog  from any number of places -
and Google, if I’m doing this right!  

4.  So, I want to stay in touch.  How can I?

See the above!  But, you can also sign up for my newsletter!  There's also a sign up at the top of the sidebar on the right.

5. Do you like kids?

Funny!  Why else would I write kids books?  Seriously, I love kids.  My background is in education.  I have a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Education and over 10 years of teaching experience.  My favorite age range is 3-7 when kids minds are just chock full of stuff that will knock your socks off!  This is the age group for whom I most want to write.  It also happens to be an age group that I love to photograph!

6. What is the funniest thing a kid ever said to you?

The funniest?  How could I possibly decide?  I have few.
  • I know what’s wrong with you, Miss Kay!  You have a monster in your belly!  (This charming kindergartener heard me try to discreetly burp.  I guess I failed!)
  • “My favorite word is eyebrows,” said a young three year old as he tried to join into an adult conversation.
  • “It’s not a tootsie-roll!” exclaimed a four year-old who went over to sniff the “mysterious” brown lump on the rug.
  • “Why aren’t you like all the other adults?” asked my 8 year old nephew.  (Good question, Corey.  I wonder that myself sometimes!)

7. Why photography?

I love the joy of capturing a moment of time, a slice of joy, a vision of beauty.  My interests here are not narrow.  I love creating images that capture the relationship or emotion of the subject(s) or the beauty of the location.  I also love to challenge myself to find and capture the beauty in the everyday around me.  To me, photography is akin to spirituality.  Truly.  I seek joy, beauty, connection, awe, and gratitude.  If that isn’t an aspect of spirituality, I’d be hard pressed to say what is!

8. Do you have a favorite image?

That’s like asking me my favorite quote.  I have several.  But I have one that evokes some of the deepest emotions I possess.  It is an image of my nephew Trevor as a baby holding his Mama Judy’s hand.  Mama Judy is my sister who died in a car accident when Trevor was only 8 months old.  You can see why this image has such a powerful hold on my heart.  To me, it is the essence of photography.  This blog post contains that image and another favorite image as well as a little more about them.

9. Why writing?

I’ve always loved to write.  I remember writing poem after poem in my early elementary years.  My mother used to keep them all in a file folder on top of the refrigerator.  Don’t ask me why she chose that location, it was a small house!  To this day I mourn its loss.  When we moved, it never made it to our new location.  Perhaps I’m still trying to recreate that on some level.  Also, I love watching children’s faces as they listen to a really great story.  I want to inspire children’s imaginations the same way.  Imagination is one of the great keys to life and learning!

10. Do you have a special reading memory?

I do!  I think I was in third grade.  I remember spending the entire day sprawled across my bed reading Charlotte’s Web.  It was the first time I read a book of that length cover to cover in one day.  I was completely entranced!

11. Do you have a favorite children’s author?

Yes, Dr. Seuss.  He was absolutely brilliant.  There are other incredibly brilliant children’s authors out there, but he was particularly genius.

12. So, do you have a day job?

I don’t currently have a traditional 9-5 job, but here is a sampling of what I do:
  • I sell items here and there on eBay.
  • I have an Etsy store where I sell some collectibles and craft items.
  • I have an online gallery (www.theresekayphotography.com) where I sell artistic photographs!  Go on and check them out!  (PS.  Help support me by buying one!)
  • I have on location photoshoots with families and individuals.  Let me know if you are interested!  (North Shore area of Boston, MA)
  • I have some items for sale featuring my photography over on CafePress - things like aprons, posters, and mugs (oh, my!)
  • Occasionally I have a table at a craft fair to sell photo greeting cards and some matted and/or framed prints.  See my Events page for any fairs I'm participating in!
  • I do freelance and contract work in training and instructional design.  Take a look at my Linked In page.
  • I babysit, pet sit, and house sit.  Writing, photography, and contract work can be done from virtually anywhere!  Interested in my services in that area?  Don’t be shy!
  • I have affiliate links with Amazon sprinkled here and there throughout this blog. (As of August 2015, they are links, but not affiliate links)
  • Soon I’ll have wonderful published children’s books!
  • I’m also very very frugal!  I use the following tools to help.
    • I use Ebates when I shop on line. (Affiliate link - we each get a bonus when you join!)
    • On my phone I use RetailMeNot (Very worth downloading the app to your phone!) to help me either find the best deal, coupon or get some money back when I do purchase something.  (This is not an affiliate link - it's just a great app!)
    • I also purchase most of my vitamins and supplements for an excellent price through Vitacost. (Affiliate link - we each get a bonus when you make your first purchase!)
I lead a pretty simple life that I try to pack full of free adventures like reading, visiting friends, nature walks (especially to waterfalls!), writing, and digital photography!

13. Do you have any other hobbies?

I adore creating things!  I’ve made jewelry for years but I like to try my hand at lots of things!  Some things I sell at craft fairs or online at my Etsy store.  Other things I create for gifts or just for fun!  I also love to read and go for nature walks - especially to see waterfalls. (Did I mention that already?)
I also like to read and cook yummy healthy food.  (There are lots of fantastic Paleo recipes on my Pinterest board, "Yummy!")

14. You mentioned a chronic illness.  What’s that all about?

Oh, my!  That’s a complex question!  And I’m a complex person!  The doctors are still trying to figure it all out through a myriad of tests.  Suffice it to say that it consists of chronic and persistent fatigue, body aches, brain fog, and malabsorption issues.  Once thought to be Lyme Disease, it may be something else, time and tests will tell.  I’m not looking for sympathy here, just transparency in who I am and what I share!  I will be restarting Lyme treatment in the very near future.
I am very pro-active and do what I can to keep myself functioning as best I can.  I will soon have a page full of all kinds of links where you can learn more about chronic illness and leading a healthy lifestyle.

15. What Do You Think Caused It?

Hmm…  let’s see…  Chronic stress?  Poor health habits?  A tick bite?  Or a special combo!
Ever watch someone you love very much suffer with a long-term illness that severely affected not only her quality of life, but yours too?  I have.  My mother suffered for years with intestines that got fried from radiation she had received for cervical cancer.  This led to many life and death episodes which eventually led to an intestinal transplant full of complications (If you are not an organ donor, please consider it!).  Four years after that, her body finally gave up. That’s enough to stress anybody out.  It also happens to be why I am so fanatic about trying to take care of my own health - especially anything related to my intestines.  And, if current research is accurate, almost anything related to our health stems from our intestines!

16. Sheesh! That was depressing!  Do you still laugh?

Oh, heck yes!  That’s what keeps me sane.  Sort of.  The whole sanity thing is probably under debate amongst my friends and family!

17. Anything else we should know about you?

Well, I can quote almost every line from The Princess Bride.  And I tell really corny jokes.  And I repeat them.  My grandfather used to do that.  So did my Mom.  The joke thing, not quoting from The Princess Bride.
Oh, and I have a really fat cat named Chaser.  She’s my sidekick.  She thinks she’s all that and a bag of kibble and will attempt to show up on my blog posts (like here and here), my Facebook pages (Therese Kay Photography and Therese Kay Children's Writer ), in the photo at the top of this page and anywhere else she can think to insert herself.  She insists I should write a children’s book about her, but that remains to be seen.  She has however modeled for me quite a bit.  She’s not shy.  Did I mention she thinks she’s all that and a bag of kibble too?

19.Do you have a mission statement?

Sure!  It's really the same for my photography or writing and perhaps extends to my freelance instructional design as well.
My mission is to create the highest quality of written or photographed content of which I am capable in order to inspire the reader or viewer's imagination, growth, and sense of beauty or humor.

20. What should I do now?

You should sign up for my newsletter! Don’t worry, it’ll only come around once a month or so and I don’t know where to sell your email address so you don’t need to worry about that.  

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