Health Journal

Journey towards Health: A Health Record & Journal for Chronic Illness and Pain


Living with chronic illness can be overwhelming.  If dealing with the symptoms isn’t challenging enough, there are all the doctor’s visits, medicines, supplements, insurance forms, etc.

When I was first diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease a couple years ago, I finally had the answer for many of the puzzling symptoms that had taken such a toll on my life.

That was only beginning.  As I started trying to take control of my own health journey, I couldn’t find an all in one resource to help me keep track of everything, take key steps towards health, and give my health team the valuable data they needed.  So I created it.  Let my Journey Towards Health journal empower you to take control of your healing journey!

If you struggle with a complex or chronic illness, have a hard time identifying patterns in your symptoms, or communicating this information to your health team, this journal is sure to help.  

If there is a possibility that you will need to apply for disability benefits some time in your future, this journal can become invaluable in demonstrating the impact your symptoms have on your life.


Sure, there are other apps and journals that can help you track pieces of your journey—what you eat, how much you sleep (and how well), what exercise you’re getting... 

But now there’s a journal that does all that —and more!— in an easy-to-use format.  Journey Towards Health is a one-stop-shop that helps you:
  • Record the type and frequency of symptoms
  • Identify triggers and patterns
  • Track medications and supplements
  • Give Your Health Team the data they need to make a quicker, more accurate diagnosis


In addition, Journey to Health provides:
  • A detailed pain scale to help you better communicate the impact on your life
  • Tools for tracking food allergies and sensitivities
  • Lists of symptoms to refer to
  • Resources for support on your journey


Journey to Health is designed to be easy to use.  You will find:
  • Check-lists, fill-in the blank areas, and guided questions
  • Lots of blank space for your own notes
  • Forms you can print out as needed


Everyone’s journey is different. That’s why I designed a health journal that:
  • Allows you to print out only what you need
  • Allows you to print it year after year since all the forms are undated.  That makes this a one-time purchase!
  • Provides you resources to get more information
  • Allows you to personalize it to your own situation


“I think the whole concept and all the information you have is really great. I think it would be very helpful for a lot of people.” - Kirsten

"Offering this in pdf format works wonderfully, so that I can customize the records I need to keep, and so that I never run out!" - Kathleen

“Wow, this is extensive! excited to see it. thank you!” – Jenni

“I would think that any doctor would want to see the information this captures!” – Larry

“This is a one-stop-shop that helps me keep track of everything and give my health team the valuable data they need.” - Laura


For $7.99 you are getting 80 pages worth of forms and reference material to help you take control of your health.  

That is only 10 cents a page for a health journal that you can use year after year.  The information this journal helps you capture will be invaluable to both yourself and your health team.  

By identifying symptom patterns and triggers, you will:
  • Reduce the chance of misdiagnosis
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary tests, and 
  • Help identify medications and supplements that are having a positive effect.

Why delay in taking a step in taking control of your health?

Purchase now!


  • Journal pages that are grey-scale to enable inexpensive, simple printing.
  • Easy to print 8 1/2 x 11 page size (US letter size)
  • Page to record your favorite health quotes & affirmations
  • Medical History/Information Form
  • Doctor, Insurance & Pharmacy Form
  • Medication & Supplement Form
  • 2-page Daily Record (10)
  • Form to Record Medication Side Effects
  • Ordering Information forms for supplements and medications
  • Doctor Visit History Form
  • Doctor Visit Preparation/Summary Form (10)
  • Test Results Form
  • Pain Scale & Reference Material
  • List of Physical & Emotional Symptoms
  • Symptom Record Form (10)
  • Special Diet Forms & Reference Material
  • Symptom Trigger Form
  • Sleep Reference
  • Health Factor List & Reference
  • Meal Planning Resources
  • Support System Forms & References
  • Record Keeping & Research Information
  • Tax Information
  • List of Health Quotes & Affirmations

All this for only $7.99!!