Current Writing Projects

What's WNFIN? Writing Fiction in November. This is the non-fiction writer's answer to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) You can learn more on Nina Amir's website.

Children's Literature:
I Wish Mommy Wasn’t Sick - This children’s picture book is geared towards children ages 3-6.  It is a story about a young child whose mother has a chronic illness and how they continue to create a warm and loving relationship despite the challenges.

This story is now being pitched to publishers!  Stay tuned!

I Want My Real Daddy Back - This children’s picture book is geared towards children ages 4-7.  A young boy is having a hard time adjusting to his Daddy now needing a cane.  Expressed with humor, the story provides a number of coping skills for the family to adjust to their new situation.

This story is now being pitched to publishers!  Stay tuned!

Zelda Finds A Feather - This charming picture book geared towards children ages 3-7 is about a turtle named Zelda.  Zelda finds a beautiful blue jay feather that she thinks will help her to break the monotony of the browns and greens that surround her and help her stand out.  After her friend Spider helps attach it to her shell, she finds herself wondering what else she can add.

This story is still being developed and revised.  Stay tuned!

Current Photography Projects

Slide Show - I am currently working on a slideshow with accompanying music to present at various community locations on the North Shore of Boston, such as senior centers.  Please contact me if you would be interested in booking me for a show!

Photography Class - In Progress! I am teaching a 4 week basic photography class at Create Artisan Studio in Wakefield. (June, 2016)

Exhibit - July 2016 will bring an exhibit of some of my mandala photographs to Create Artisan Studio in Wakefield! Open House will be Friday, July 8, 2016. Exibit will be on display for the entire month. All images will be for sale.

Photography Testimonials
"I feel totally blessed to have Therese as my wedding photographer. Her level of professionalism and expertise is wonderful. She not only took photos but created memories. She was an integral part of my wedding day running smoothly. I have so many great photos to choose from. She took our personalities into account to create unique and personal photos. Her personality was incredibly calming and grounding to have near me on my special day."    ~Deborah Buffum

“Therese is an amazing photographer able to catch vivid shots even when my young daughter found it impossible to sit still. Therese was flexible and able to see a photo op in every action. The result was a collection of precious memories that truly capture my daughter's vivacious personality.” ~ Susana Carella

“Therese really enjoys her work and it shows. She is great with kids and understands that they need special attention. She is so accommodating and easy to work with. Very personable and friendly.” ~ Ari Curtis

“Therese has been our family photographer for the past 6 years since our son was born. Her family portraits and photos of my son beautifully capture the spirit of our family. They are unique and creative images that I treasure. Therese has an excellent way of getting children to be comfortable and at ease in front of the camera,which is not always an easy task. She is trustworthy, her work is consistently excellent and she is very reliable.  I would highly recommended her for any photography assignment.” ~ Carolyn Mambuca

“I first saw Therese's work when she photographed the baby shower of my best friend. Her photos were so beautiful that years later my friend's sister remembered Therese and hired her to take her pregnancy photos. I, too, was pregnant at that time. … I remain an extremely satisfied customer and continue to use Therese for all of my photography work.”  ~ Jennifer Levine

Contact me if you would like me to capture your family as well!

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