Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't Sit on Your But

Before you go all dictionary with me, I spelled that right.  But.  It's a word we say all too often and it gets us stuck.

But, I can't... 
But, I don't have...
But, she didn't...
But, I need...
But, but, but, but....

Is that all you got?  Well, don't sit on that but!  Don't.  Do.  It.

We'd never do anything if we sat on our buts.

I want to give a gift, but I don't have enough money.  OK, then make one or write a nice card.

I want to apply to that job but I'm not qualified enough.  OK, then study, get qualified, or simply try anyways and see what happens.

I want to go see my friend, but he doesn't want to come with me.  So.  Who said he had to?  Go anyways.

If you let the buts stand in the way, you'll never get what you want out of life.  There is always a but.  Just don't sit on it!


  1. Love the play on word here! brilliant and funny! And I know that butt in lavender well, I think...


  2. Yes! You happen to know both butts. But one you know better than the other! LOL. Glad you enjoyed this, Carmen!