Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There's Nothing Like a Purring Cat

I puttered around the kitchen this morning making my breakfast and tea and contemplating my day.  And then, I wandered into the living room breakfast plate and teacup in hand.  Immediately, my cat started purring.  And that made me smile.  I set down my breakfast and went right over and scratched her cute little furry head.  She just looked at me and purred even louder.

This simple interaction between my cat and me brightened my morning.  In fact, any time somebody acknowledges my existence in a positive way, it makes me happy.  I'm pretty sure that's a universal thing.  You walk into a room and a child's face lights up or someone smiles.  Even better if someone comes to greet you with a handshake, hug, or kiss.  Who doesn't like that?

It's so nice to be acknowledged, to be told in small actions that your presence makes somebody feel happy.  And when they express that happiness, it makes you feel happy too.  So, today, let's reverse it.  If someone comes to you who is important to you, who makes you happy, who you appreciate, show it.  Go on, share that smile.  Stop what you are doing and get up and greet the person!  I bet you'll both feel better for the simple act.

Because, really, there's nothing like a purring cat to make you smile.

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