Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nutrition Resources

Food is Medicine

I truly believe that food and nutrition have a major impact on our health. In fact, I think there are 5 things: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Mindset, and Spirituality. I think all 5 things work together to create optimal health.

As much as food can be medicine, I also believe that food can be poison. What is medicine and what is poison? That somewhat depends on your health situation, your genetic make up, and where you live. There are thousands of theories out there.

I tend towards whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible and minimize grains. According to my medical team and my diagnoses, I should also be avoiding all dairy, gluten, and sugar. I fail a bit at the sugar (understatement!) and occasionally cheat on the dairy and gluten. Within that range, I try to select the most nutrient-dense foods that I can afford and that are simple to prepare. I am not ashamed to admit that food stamps is my budget right now, while I figure out next steps to getting back to a livable income while chronically ill. Anyways, I digress....

Would I recommend the same kind of diet for everyone? No.  
Would I recommend avoiding sugar, processed foods, and artificial ingredients no matter what your genetic make up or condition? Probably.  
Would I recommend nutrient dense foods to you? Of course!  
But who am I? I'm just a regular person, not a doctor or nutritionist, so listen to your own body and medical team!
Here are a few resources that I have found helpful in making my own food choices. I've included a few budgetary and meal-planning resources because that is part of my strategy in eating as healthy as I can as cheaply as I can. Be intentional in your choices and do the best you can.
A Girl Worth Saving
Chris Kresser
Dr. Axe
Paleo Mom
Whole New Mom
Wellness Mama
The Weston A Price Foundation
Premeditated Leftovers
Dollar Stretcher
Saving Dinner The Low Histamine Chef
Mark's Daily Apple
The Nourished Kitchen

I also recommend going to the websites for whatever conditions you may be contending with and look at their dietary recommendations. Always consult with your medical team!

Want to see some of the recipes I collect? Check out my Pinterest Boards!

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