Monday, October 28, 2013

Dirty Underwear and Other Things

Some people like to be clean - like really clean. As in two showers a day kind of clean. I'm not sure why you would need two showers a day unless you sweat a lot or roll in mud puddles, but there could be worse habits to wearing dirty underwear.

If you were raised in a particular era, your mother probably told you to wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident. Really?  Do you think they will be worried about my underwear if I'm in an accident?  But, I guess the message was more to be sure to wear clean underwear.

Ok, so back to the whole two shower a day thing. If you take two showers a day presumably it means that you want to look, be, and smell clean. If you took two showers a day, would you then put on dirty underwear?  Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the two showers and the consumption of half a bottle of body wash?  

So, why would anyone do it?  Laziness?  Complacency? Not connecting A and B?  Who knows the mystery of the human mind. Yet so many of us do this on a regular basis. Ok, not literally I hope!  

Think of it this way. We spend a lot of time cleaning up the outside. We shower a couple times a day. We carefully choose our clothes to match the occasion. We style our hair, put on some deodorant, brush our teeth and so on. Yet, we are wearing dirty underwear. Despite all our preening, something just doesn't smell right and no amount of perfume or cologne is going to change the fact that we're stinking the place up with our dirty underwear. 

Where in your life are appearances not enough?  Where are you wearing your dirty underwear?  Until you change it, the stench will always waft about you. So put on some clean ones and wash out the dirty ones. Don't go out with dirty underwear. You never know who might be around to catch a whiff...

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